Genealogy Road Trip Tip 28: Reward yourself!

Tip 28: Reward yourself! Part of “Genealogy Road Trip Tips: Take Your Loved Ones With You” — 30 posts in 30 days for NaBloPoMo 2016.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your Genealogy Road Trip — so now it’s time to celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done.

Throw the confetti and reward yourself for a genealogy job well done. And if you are able to include your travel partner in the post-trip celebration, so much the better. By: Katie Fricker

You and your travel partner should be proud of your accomplishments.

Together, you planned and prepared the trip; ventured to an ancestral destination and did valuable research while there; and unpacked and stored all the resulting family history discoveries — not to mention packing away cameras, scanners and audio-visual gear for next time.

Before you get too deep into follow-up research, brainstorm some ways to reward yourself while you and your travel partner are still feeling the positive buzz from the trip.

Here are a few ideas:

Add to your research library. Have you been longing to invest in a copy of Evidence Explained to improve your source citations? What about a research guide that focuses on the ancestral area you visited, such as the recently published New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer? Adding to your research library is an excellent way to remember your trip and to prepare for the next one.

Join a local genealogy society. You may have learned about a local genealogy or family history society at your road trip destination. Why not join to see what more you might learn about your ancestral locale? Most societies publish a newsletter and host a website where members can list surnames they are researching. This reward offers a great way to make connections in your ancestral locale that may help you long after your trip is over.

Add to your gear. Was there any equipment you wished you had during your trip? Could you have used an add-on lens for your smartphone? What about a smartpen to digitally transcribe your notes? Or a Shot Box to simplify photographing documents and artifacts? Purchasing a needed item is a gift that will keep on giving on future genealogy road trips.

Or just relax and unwind. Of course if your library, memberships and gear are adequate for your genealogy research needs, perhaps a relaxing escape might make a better reward. A trip to a museum or spa, or a relaxing dinner with your travel partner, might be a fun way to unwind and reminisce about your trip.

What you decide on is entirely up to you. But do choose something — a reward that is special to you — as a way of marking the completion of your successful trip. And if you are able to include your intrepid travel partner in the job-well-done celebration, so much the better!

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