Undaunted: Seventh Blogiversary! #AtoZChallenge

Sepia Saturday 567. U is for Undaunted: Seventh Blogiversary! Twenty-first of 26 posts in the April 2021 Blogging From #AtoZChallenge. Theme: “Endwell: My Early Teen Years”— adding my story to the family history mix. Please join me on the journey.

If anyone had asked me seven years ago whether I would still be blogging in 2021, I’m not sure how I would have answered.

Yet here we are — celebrating the Seventh Blogiversary of Molly’s Canopy, my family history and genealogy blog!

And on this anniversary I am especially proud that I was able to continue undaunted — despite the challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Number 7. On the Seventh Blogiversary of Molly’s Canopy, I am especially proud that I was able to continue undaunted — despite the challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Pixabay

Entering coronavirus lockdown

In early 2020, I had no idea what lay ahead as I began the year blogging about a research trip to the NYS Archives in Albany — then continued with stories about my maternal German Stoutner ancestors.

My maternal German Stoutner ancestors of Gloversville, N.Y., circa 1910. Their story unfolded in installments during year seven. Scan by Molly Charboneau

But I had to stop blogging altogether for a couple of weeks in March — when New York City went into lockdown, and I prepared to shelter at home as my area of Queens became the U.S. epicenter of a new, global coronavirus pandemic!

A to Z Challenge 2020 was a lifeline

The A to Z Challenge 2020 turned out to be a lifeline during last spring’s stressful C-19 lockdown — a productive way to pass the April days at home and connect with fellow bloggers worldwide who were going through the same thing.

My family circa 1960. Writing about “Endwell: My Elementary Years” the 2020 A to Z Challenge was a lifeline that kept me entertained and distracted during the stressful coronavirus lockdown. Scan by Molly Charboneau

Writing about Endwell: My Elementary Years kept me entertained and distracted — and by the time the annual A to Z blog-fest was over, our NYC contagion curve had begun to come down and restrictions were somewhat eased.

Pivoting to the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

That’s when I turned to a series I had long wanted to write about my dad’s Uncle Albert Barney Charboneau who died in the last great global contagion — the 1918 influenza pandemic — and its parallels with our own viral outbreak.

Uncle Albert Barney Charboneau circa 1910. For most of 2020, Molly’s Canopy chronicled the story of my dad’s Uncle Albert, who died in the last great global contagion — the 1918 influenza pandemic. Scan by Molly Charboneau

The series resonated with Molly’s Canopy readers worldwide who regularly left comments and observations about the similarities and contrasts between that outbreak and the one we are living through.

The sustaining power of ancestors

By early 2021, with Covid-19 vaccines on the horizon, I was able to resume the Stoutner family saga — marveling all the while at the sustaining power of ancestors and their stories to keep one going even in the darkest moments.

Endwell, N.Y., 1964: At age 14 with my family, all dressed up for Easter. When the A to Z Challenge 2021 rolled around, I was again down with the program — this time focusing on “Endwell: My Early Teen Years,” a sequel to last year’s series. Photo: Peg (Laurence) Charboneau

And when the A to Z Challenge rolled around this year, I was again down with the program — this time focusing on Endwell: My Early Teen Years, a sequel to last year’s series.

Looking forward to year eight!

Seven years ago — when I ventured to the battlefields of Virginia to witness reenactments of my Union Army ancestor Arthur T. Bull’s 1864 Civil War battles —  I had no idea that the blog I started to commemorate his life would last this long.

April 2014: Union Artillery at the Battles of the Wilderness reenactment near Fredericksburg, Va. When I started blogging in 2014 to honor the life of my Civil War ancestor Arthur T. Bull, of the 6th NY Heavy Artillery, I had no idea that Molly’s Canopy would last this long. Photo by Molly Charboneau

Nor did I envision how many family history stories would emerge — nor how much I would learn in the process — nor how many ancestral tales are still waiting to be told!

Which is why I am looking forward to year eight of Molly’s Canopy — and whatever ancestral surprises it may bring.

May thanks to my family, friends, colleagues, readers and the intrepid blogging crew at Sepia Saturday for your continued visits, comments and support — and if you are new to Molly’s Canopy, I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

Up next, V is for Various other teen interests: From “Twilight Zone” to RFK. Please leave a comment, then join me as Endwell: My Early Teen Years unfolds one letter at a time! Meanwhile, please visit this week’s other Sepia Saturday bloggers.

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19 thoughts on “Undaunted: Seventh Blogiversary! #AtoZChallenge”

  1. My heartfelt thanks to you all for the wonderful Seventh Blogiversary greetings! It’s been great blogging along and meeting so many of you over these past seven years. Looking forward to more interactions during year eight.

  2. Congratulations on your 7th Blogiversary. Ancestor blogging is so rewarding at many levels and yes, saves our equilibrium in difficult times like covid. Plus you get to make new mates.

  3. I add my congratulations on adding another ring to your blogging tree. I’ve enjoyed reading all your series this past year and look forward to many more. Hopefully in a world returned to good health.

  4. I can relate so much to your inspirational post on the power of blogging in helping you remain undaunted during Lockdown Congratulations on your anniversary and I look forward to, reading more posts in the future.

  5. Oh Molly. Seven years. Seven is a very special number. It means completion and perfection. Not that I mean you should stop blogging now but that it is a great blog 🙂 Did you ever watch that TV series 7 Up? It was so good. Taking snapshots of British kids (then adults) every 7 years. So interesting. Keep up the excellent family history research including recording your own memories; they are so important.

  6. Blog on, blog on! You’ve been doing a marvelous job and I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. It is true that this past COVID year has been easier for me because of things like Sepia Saturday and other blogging experiences. Keeps your interest and mind sharp and busy coming up with themes and photos and ideas which is a super good thing all round! 🙂

  7. Congratulations on year seven! I have enjoyed your posts and hope you continue for a good long time.

  8. Congratulations on your 7th blogiversary – how great! Undaunted is the perfect U word.

    My husband’s family had a number of known losses in the 1918 pandemic, as clearly did so many others.

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