2019: Season’s Greetings from Molly’s Canopy

Winter snow scene. Photo: Pixabay/gamagapix

Sepia Saturday 500: The holiday season is upon us — and that’s when Molly’s Canopy traditionally takes a break for the festive month of December so I can relax, kick back and recharge.

When I began the year blogging about my Blakeslee ancestors I had no idea that the writing would lead to new research, a road trip to Pennsylvania and an unfolding family saga that took the entire year to tell!

Many thanks to my readers and relatives who followed along and shared valuable observations (among them the Sepia Saturday regulars). You made this a magical year of blogging for Molly’s Canopy — and renewed my hope that the New Year will be just as fulfilling.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Molly’s Canopy! Please stop back in January 2020 when regular blogging resumes.

Meanwhile, please visit the blogs of other Sepia Saturday participants here to celebrate 10 years and 500 posts since Sepia Saturday’s founding in 2009.

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14 thoughts on “2019: Season’s Greetings from Molly’s Canopy”

  1. Happy New Year and all the best for a successful year of researching and writing in 2020 – greetings from a fellow occasional Sepia Saturday blogger from Australia

    1. Thanks, Anne. Look forward to reading your blog posts in 2020 — and my thoughts are with you and everyone in Australia given the fires you are currently experiencing.

  2. I too have enjoyed reading about your family research. Lately I’ve found that when reading some book, mostly histories, I come across a reference to a place or time and am reminded of something I’ve learned from the many family history bloggers like yourself. Oh yes, I think, that’s just like so-and-so’s great uncle Albert when he set off for Oregon. Thank you for the good stories and I wish you and your family a happy holiday.

    1. Thanks so much, Mike. I have had similar experiences based on reading your blog and others. We really get to learn so much that informs our perspective. Happy Holidays.

    1. Thanks, Barb. My thoughts are percolating on the next subject I’ll tackle. Here’s hoping they gel by the New Year 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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