Dempsey cousins’ discoveries

Letter D: Fourth of twenty-six posts in the April 2016 Blogging From A to Z Challenge, and last in a series of five posts about the Dempsey Cousins Family Research Team.

Cousins on my Dempsey line reached out after seeing a post on Molly’s Canopy about our great, great grandparents William Patrick and Katherine (Gormley) Dempsey.

We decided to form the Dempsey Cousins Family Research Team to work together on researching our mutual ancestors — and soon we had our first team breakthroughs.

Holy Cross Section of Woodlawn Cemetery in Baltimore, Md. (2015). By: Barb/Dempsey Cousins Family Research Team
Final resting place of our ancestor William Patrick Dempsey, Holy Cross Section of Woodlawn Cemetery, Baltimore, Md. (2015). Our Dempsey Cousins team has experienced the power of collaboration — discovering more new information  and clues together about our shared ancestors than any of us might have found alone. Photo by Barb/Dempsey Cousins Family Research Team

William’s first wife

From his oldest children’s birthplaces in the U.S. Census, we believe that William went from Ireland to Canada and then to the U.S.

There is also a clue in an un-sourced family tree (from my dad’s cousin) that our great, great grandmother Katherine was his second wife.

William eventually ended up in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Md. So cousin John called a researcher he knew at the Maryland Historical Society for transcriptions of the death certificates of William’s Canadian-born children. He came away with the name of their mother: Catherine McCarty — the first wife of William Patrick Dempsey!

A Canadian clue

The name of William’s first wife led cousin Barb to our next clue. Searching online, she found a compilation of records from St. Francis Xavier Church, 66 Church St., Brockville, Ontario, Canada with an entry showing a William Dempsey and a Catherine McCarty as baptismal sponsors.

Baptisms 1843
Anthony Flood b 2/3/1843
John Flood and Ellen McCann
Sponsors: William Dempsey and Catherine McCarty

At a seminar on finding Irish roots, Barb said she learned that, “All baptismal records use the maiden name of mothers and sponsors.” So if the compiler’s transcription is accurate, this is a promising clue that could link our William to his first wife — and to a location in Canada.

Final resting place

Meanwhile, I began looking into our great, great grandfather William’s burial location in Baltimore — given as Holy Cross Cemetery on his death certificate.

A list of Catholic Archdiocesan Closed Cemeteries that I found online said Holy Cross was “sold to the City of Baltimore in 1969,” and those buried there were transferred to  a “Holy Cross Section” of Woodlawn Cemetery — but without individual markers.

A call to the cemetery office confirmed that they had an interment record with the correct date of death to be our William Dempsey.

Cousin Barb and her husband graciously agreed to visit the cemetery and came away with copies of what records the office had — along with several precious photos of our great, great grandfather William Patrick Dempsey’s final resting place.

The power of collaboration

After just a few months, our Dempsey Cousins team has experienced the power of collaboration — discovering more new information and promising leads together than any of us might have found alone.

Now we are up to eleven Dempsey Cousins in the team to help continue the search! If you are a descendant of blacksmith William Patrick Dempsey of Baltimore and either of his wives, and you would like to join us, please get in touch.

Up next: Elizabeths in my family tree. Please stop back.

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